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Game of Life


This is a simple Game of Life implementation in C++14.


  • 2D grid
  • Any possible rule can be selected (Stay Alive/Born)
  • Needs only C++ Standard library
  • Multithreaded (up to 32 threads)
    • Only useful for large grids (height > 1000)
  • Supported loading file formats:
    • Run Length Encoded (.rle)
    • Plaintext (.cells)
    • Life 1.06 (.lif or .life) files
  • Supported saving file formats:
    • Plaintext (.cells)



  • CMake (3.1 or later)
  • C++14 compiler (g++ 5.3.0, clang++ 3.7.1 tested)

Build instructions


mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..

Arch Linux

cd arch-pkgbuild
sudo pacman -U game_of_life-git-X

Replace X with the actual version number, architecture and file extension.

Linux crosscompile for Windows

cd tools


This project relies on several optimizations done by modern compilers and linkers like return value optimization (RVO) and improvements in C++ like move semantics. Therefore, things like return-by-value are used in most cases to improve readability.